5 English Business words you MUST learn

5 Business English words that you must learn to have a better understanding of English in the workplace. 

  1. Clause

Word that comes from business law. Refers to a statement or term in the contract.

Example sentence: 

Our advisors have a few questions over the latest clauses that have been added to section nine of the contract. When can we review these?


2. Non binding

When a clause or term in a business agreement cannot be legally enforced.

Example sentence: 

Your business premises contract will be null and void in 30 days.

3. Null and void

When something is invalid = null

When something has been cancelled or deleted = void

Example sentence:

The lease on your business offices will become null and void in 30 days if you don’t renew.

4. Invoice

A bill that shows the list of good and or services purchased from a business. Their prices. The dates purchased. The total amount paid.

Example sentence: 

Please can you pay your invoice within the 30 days please.


  1. Consensus

When everyone is in agreement about the same topic, question or issue. 


Example sentence: 

In this weeks meeting, all the managers were in consensus that the new contracts should start next week.

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