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Most frequent questions and answers

English lessons for adults, regularly. They feature modern, British English and are taught by a native, English teacher in a small group setting, online.

Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

The lessons will improve your spoken English as well as your building your vocabulary and improving your English grammar.

The Engli-teAch, adults, English lessons continue to grow and continue to help and support you learn English in the many different areas of both professional and personal life.

These lessons are suitable for learners of an A2 level. If you can read this then this level will be suitable for you.

Most of all the lessons are fun.

Engli-teach teaching you English, everyday. 

No, the paid lessons are private and take place on our own platform. Our platform lets you participate in lessons with audio and video. On Facebook, Instagram, VK, and other social media sites, you can only see and hear the teacher and the teacher cannot see and hear you. On our platform the teacher will see and hear you and you will be able to speak to each other. This is how you will get speaking practice each and every lesson and the teacher will be able to give you feedback and correct your mistakes.

Nothing but a device such as a phone, laptop or tablet that is connected to the internet with integral speakers and camera.  A headset or earplugs and microphone is required. It is important that the teacher can hear you properly to correct you. 

Inside the course you will see that you will have plenty of opportunity to continue learning in all the required modes to be a competent communicator. This includes: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

As well as the private group lessons where you will have lots of opportunity to practice your spoken English, you will also have access to extra resources from Engli-teach which will help you to practice and build a comprehensive knowledge fo English. 

No worries, we want everyone to be happy. Just email us at alison@engli-teach.com and we will cancel your account.