How you will learn English online with Engli-teach

A personalised English program for you

With over 10 years of English teaching experience around the world. We know that not all learners learn at the same speed or in the same way. That’s why we tailor make your program to your learning needs and your goals with real Native English teachers.

Set your goal

When you first access your online learning program, you will complete a little assessment. This is to help us measure your learning position and also to personalise your program.

Access Your Private English lessons

Following this you will be shown how to access your first lesson with us and start learning English.

Learn English Online


Self study learning gives you access to the Engli-teach learning program where you can study at your own pace, in your preferred time.

Each week you will receive a new lesson to help you learn English.

Different levels of learning

Each of the different levels of learning are broken down into different units. Each unit consists of a blend of learning: reading, writing, listening and assessment.

Blended Learning

With Engli-teach you will learn in a number of different ways: Real live, private group lessons, Interactive quizzes, Study lab with your own personalised path and so much more.

Learn English with Interactive lessons

Learn English with Engli-teach

Professional Feedback

Our native teachers, give you regular and consistent feedback so that you can continue to make improvement in your learning journey.

Receive certificates after you complete each level

As you continue to improve your English with Engli-teach, we will continue to keep you motivated and focussed as well as providing you with certificates so that you can prove your competence.

English lessons -

Learn English by practising in a live class

Any learner of English will always learn more effectively with our expert teachers of English. Whatever level you join our lessons at we will always have a teacher to help you achieve you fullest capability.

Live Private lessons

Improve your English with one of our expert teachers, in a private 1-1 lesson that lasts 45 minutes. You can take these lessons in addition to the group lessons or just as they are.

Live Group lessons

Practice your fluency and conversational skills with our friendly group classes. Classes are 45 minutes long and follow a themed lesson along with one of our native English teachers and other learners of the same level as yourself.

Achieve certified results

The Engli-teach lessons are aligned with the Common European Framework (CEFR), from level A1 to C2.

You will earn a certified English diploma for each level you pass which you can use to prove your capability in English to employers and Universities. 

% Engli-teach Learn English online everyday with Engli-teach

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% Engli-teach Learn English online everyday with Engli-teach