COVID-19 in English

Watch the live lesson where we discussed the COVID-19 virus and other medical terms

What is COVID-19

Covid-19 is one of many different Coronavirus’ which form a large family of viruses 

Let’s look at some Vocabulary associated with Coronavirus or CoVID19 as it is also known by.

family = group of things (viruses) which are connected by one or similar characteristics

characteristics = qualities or features that belong to  a person or thing that make them recognizable / identifiable.

COVID -19 is recognised by the following characteristics:  fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties

Other viruses may also have some or all of these characteristics / symptoms

symptom – that we use to describe an effect of an illness.

Example: Cold – Often you sneeze a lot

Sneeze is a symptom.

COVID-19 is Zoonotic.

Zoonotic = means a virus that is passed /transmitted between animals and people.

Research has shown that the Coronavirus is transmitted between:

Civet cats to humans

Camels and humans


Words to describe to say that you are feeling unwell:


poorly not well

off colour – pale

out of sorts

not myself

not 100%


not right

I feel ill.

I just don’t feel right.

My foot is swollen.

Can you answer these questions?

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