Understanding why focus is important when you are learning English is important. 

Focussing on your why, is the first step in the process that my FREE book talks about.

This is important as it the pea in the pod, the sun in the sky and the reason why you want to learn English.

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We all have reasons for learning something or doing something. When you learn independently as you are, you need to keep motivated. It is your driving force. Let me explain more.

 For example, my motivation for creating this book and the Engli-teach program was because I wanted to give learners really good content and value to learn English with. More so, I wanted to provide learners with a really specific pathway that would be fully progressive, allowing them to build on the knowledge learnt from each lesson not just give random lessons – because that would be, well just random.


Fully progressive content,  is the only way to increase knowledge. Learning on platforms with different teachers each lesson and different lesson material each week at does not help the learner of English progress very fast, if at all.

In fact, it can reduce the learner’s ability and their experience of learning a language.

 Maybe for you, it is because you want to follow a certain course at University. Maybe you need to speak, better English for work. Maybe it is because you want to travel more and be able to communicate competently.


For some learners of English, the better their English, the higher their standard of living in the country that they live in.

Your reason or reasons for learning English is your focus. Keep your eye on it as it will be a fountain of energy for you when learning or improving your English.


Most importantly your focus will stop you from being possibly distracted to investing your time and energy that will not contribute towards your learning.


Now write your focus points down in a note book that you will use for learning English Write down your reasons for wanting to learn English.

Now write down what you will achieve when you reach that higher level of English.


Now write down the date that you would like that to happen by.


Remember, FOCUS.

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