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Learn English for FREE is a NEW learning English challenge being hosted by Engli-teach and it is a great opportunity for you to start learning English or improve massively what you already know for FREE- so how does it work?

How does it work?

Its a very simple process that has three main features.

The first feature is that Engli-teach will be hosting a LIVE lesson every single day.  These lessons will be streamed live on our facebook and youtube channels.

In addition to the LIVE lessons, students participating in the Learning in Lockdown challenge will have access to FREE resources from Engli-Teach in our Learning Lab. This will be accessed through the FREE access account. If you do not yet have a free access account, sign up for one here.

The third and final element are the live video lessons.

English lessons - Engli-teach.com

Students will be invited to attend LIVE video lessons. These lessons will be held each week and students will be invited randomly from the Engli-teach subscribers list. In these lessons students will be able to practice fully their spoken English as much as all the other elements of learning. 

Learning In Lockdown is a unique opportunity provided to you for FREE by Engli-teach and it is one not to be missed.

What will you learn?

In the FREE Learning in Lockdown challenge, students will be learning English or improving what they already have.

Students will also be learning English Grammar, Vocabulary, Tense and Structure.

Each lesson will be different and will be structured to give you a vast and diverse selection of learning opportunities and styles.

One lesson may be on Business English, the next may be on English poetry and the hidden metaphors within.

Learning in Lockdown is aimed at students who wish to understand more or perfect their English, therefore the level of English is for Intermediate levels.

To get started with the Learning In Lockdown challenge, make sure that you have a FREE access account open and ready on the www.engli-teach website.

If you need to register, you can register your account here 

And remember that this is a FREE 30 day learning opportunity  opportunity. 

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